Altar of Madness


How To Worship Death

Misanthropic Nexion

The Misanthropic Nexion openly worships death and calls for the extermination of all human life. The Misanthropic Nexion’s current is antithetical to the cosmic lifeforce. Seeking a dissolution of all the cosmos into ash. When Lord Brahma perishes the universe is engulfed in flames and dissolved into ash. With only those reaching the higher spiritual planets being spared. Although in due time even those perish. Reaching the Spiritual Sky is the only hope for salvation. Although not in the Christian sense as even those who pray for mercy from Christ shall be ultimately doomed; cursed to the cycle of death and birth.




I pray to you, O most holy Saint of Killers
Mighty Lord of Cthonic Light
Open the gates that block my path
And bless me on this starless night!

I pray to you, O Saint of Murderers
Lend power to my baneful…

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Dark Pathworking: Satanas

Darkness Converges

Atu VII – Azoth


“The Menstruum – the Sinister aspect implicit within the homogenous metallic water’: the explosive factor in the delicate balancing of life-enhancing elements. Change by adversity – the ‘Accuser’. The brutal realities that threaten to devour the abstract, the romantic. Insight and control via the understanding of the Primal – or destruction by it.”

Clothed in black I entered the chamber, intent to invoke a destructive energy I knew could overcome me in an equally destructive way. The intent filled my very being with an anxiousness that should have seemed out of place. But there was a feeling of glory to what I would do – a feeling that would surely come back to me time and time again as I’d venture into the Dark deeds that presence, and create, Satan. I gave flame to the candles, and breathed deeply, slowly, for some minutes – knowing that…

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